Knowing When to Call a Plumber

If you need a drain cleaned, a gas line fixed or a water heater repaired, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified plumber in Iloilo City.   A professional plumber has the expertise and knowledge to take care of all your plumbing needs, large or small.  They can help you with water softeners, ice makers, garbage disposals, filtration systems, burst pipes and much more.  Trained and certified technicians are only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, to provide you with quality labor and excellent customer service.

Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s necessary to have your drains cleaned regularly to avoid any major problems.  Preventative care involves cleaning out your sewer and drain lines at least once a year for optimal results.   If you think you have a clogging issue, plumbers have the tools to locate the problem and fix it.  While a specialized camera is used to peer deep into the drain pipe, you can watch on a screen to see what is causing the clog.  The plumber can then determine the best way to remove it.  They also offer services to keep your drains running smooth all year round.

Gas Line Leaks

Many Americans rely on natural gas for cooking, and heating their homes.  When a furnace or gas appliance fails to properly burn the natural gas, carbon monoxide can be released into the home.  Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can make you very sick if you inhale it.  If you suspect you are smelling carbon monoxide, call a trained technician immediately.    A more serious situation is a natural gas line leak.  Regular inspections of your gas line are essential to preventing a leak.  If you smell a “rotten egg” smell, it’s possible there is natural gas in the air.  Gas buildup in an enclosed area can cause humans and animals to become very sick.  The buildup is also extremely dangerous because it has the potential to trigger an explosion.  Gas leaks can occur inside or outside.  Outside the home, the gas lines are buried underground and usually go untouched.   However, if you are going to be doing any kind of digging, it’s important to check with the utility company to locate the lines to prevent them from getting damaged.

Water Heater Repairs

If your water heater needs repaired, contact a licensed plumber in iloilo city to fix the problem right away.   Often they can schedule to have it fixed the same day.  They have expertise in both electric and conventional gas water heaters.  There are a several signs to watch for if you suspect your water heater isn’t functioning as it should be.  These include:  the floor or walls near your water heater are wet, your water heater making a popping noise, the hot water doesn’t last, and, if the water coming from your faucets is rust-colored.   A plumber can tell you if the problem is repairable, or if your water heater needs to be replaced.  If it does need to be replaced, they will be happy to install a new one for you.

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